Apel dechis: ProAtlântico is looking for one EVS volunteer, Portugalia (durata 12 luni)

youth empowerment
Begin: 01-10-2013
End: 24-09-2014
Length: 12 months
Monthly Subsidy (Pocket money): 95 €
Application: http://www.europeanvoluntaryservice.com/vaga/aberta/2464/ – only applications sent through the website will be accepted. Please include Cv, Motivation letter in English and also a portfolio with some design works
Short description: ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil is a non-profit youth organisation, founded in 2001 in Oeiras Council, based in Vila Fria (Porto Salvo) and carries out projects that aim the occupation of free time at the same time that gives the chance to young people to promote their active participation by taking part in European youth projects and in local voluntary activities.
ProAtlântico develops its work based in partnership with local Social Care organisations like Foster Homes, Support Centers for People with Disabilities, Senior Daily Centers offering the chance to their target groups to take part in the projects.

ProAtlântico is a sending, hosting and coordinating organisation in EVS that hosted and sent volunteers from different regions of the world: Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

It is located in a strategic development place: on the border of Lisbon city, crossed by main roads that link other cities to the capital and is next to the Tagus River and Atlantic Ocean.

Profile: This vacancy is only for romanian, spanish or italian volunteers.
Generally must be very human, self-motivated, with self-initiative, willing to take on new challenges and good adaption to different realities and to live with different conditions they are used to in their original country.

As the volunteer should do posters for activities, edit the webpage of ProAtlântico, create flyers for divulgation of ProAtlântico projects, take photos of the activities or make promotional videos it is required knowledge of graphic programs such as Photoshop and Ilustrator. The volunteer should be creative.

The volunteers will be working directly with the team of ProAtlântico in different contexts: office, outdoors, schools, universities, youth clubs, etc.
Tasks at the Office (Graphic tasks and support administrative tasks):

– Do posters for activities, edit the webpage of ProAtlântico, create flyers for divulgation of ProAtlântico projects, take photos of the activities, make promotional videos about ProAtlântico, etc.

– Help the team of ProAtlântico with administrative tasks: organizing folders, sending e-mails, fax’s, letters;

– Make contacts with European partners to establish partnerships for projects;

Tasks in Logistic Support (to be done before, after and during the projects take place)

– Give support in Summer Camps, New Year’s Eve, sports tournaments, cultural activities, intercultural evenings, picnics, festivals, training courses, youth exchanges, work camps, and other events. The tasks include moving furniture, shopping, organisation and transport of materials and people, cleaning, decoration, building stages, cooking, etc.

Tasks in Divulgation of Youth in Action Programme (in schools, Universities, youth clubs and youth events):
– Organisation of exhibitions, presentations and conversations with Portuguese young people or future EVS volunteers to motivate young people to be more active or give visibility to their EVS project;
– Inform young people about the EVS experience as a volunteer in Portugal and also provide information about some aspects of the volunteer’ country (ex: culture, language, cultural places, etc.);

Schedule: The volunteers will collaborate 35 hours per week during 5 days a week (30 hours of activities + 5 hours for trainings, language support, mentorship meetings, etc.).

The schedule will be defined by the hosting organisation on arrival of the volunteer and it can change according to the activities.

The volunteers will have 2 free days each week that can vary from week to week according to the needs of the hosting organisation. However, when the hosting organisation has activities on volunteer’s free days and the volunteers are asked to work, they might have to choose another free day, since the collaboration of the volunteers is important.

The volunteers have the right to take the Portuguese National official holidays as free days, when they match with working days.

The volunteers will have 2 days of holidays per month for the duration of the project, to be taken in agreement between the volunteers and the team. The volunteers can join the holidays or take them by month. The volunteers must discuss with the project supervisor from the hosting organisation the dates of holidays at least one month before.

Conditions: ProAtlântico provides € 150,00 to cover costs of food and extra expenses (ex: cleaning materials, …) during non-working time. The food allowance is paid in the beginning of each month. The volunteer can use the food money as wished (ex: to buy own food, cook in the apartment, eat in a restaurant, etc.). As hosting organisation, ProAtlântico provides food during working time (ex: lunch, dinner) or money to cover these expenses.

ProAtlântico provides accommodation in an apartment, University residence or hosting family, double or triple bedroom with fully equipped kitchen, toilet, laundry facilities and living room. The costs with electricity, water, gas, TV and Internet are covered by the Coordinating Organisation.

ProAtlântico will provide towels and bed clothes for the entire period of the project. The apartment usually hosts local volunteers, Erasmus/Leonardo da Vinci students, etc.

The volunteer will share the room with another person from the same gender. If needed, the coordinating organization might have to change the volunteers from their rooms in order to accommodate new volunteers.

A monthly local transport allowance is provided by the hosting organisation that covers at least the costs between the accommodation and project place. The volunteer must ask for receipt and keep it safe to give to the hosting organisation team in order to be reimbursed.

Formation: The Language Support will be provided 2 or 3 times a week with a minimum duration of 60 hours in total until B1 level. The language training courses in school are not intensive. The learning will depend much of the volunteers work at home and in their daily contact with the local community.

The Language Support will be given by a school or private teacher/volunteer. The total duration can vary, depending on the school or availability of the teacher/volunteer.

Documentation: CV, Motivation Letter and portfolio

ProAtlântico makes the selection of the participants, initially based on practical issues, selecting only the candidates that send CV and motivation letter.
After reading the documents, ProAtlântico does a preliminary choice, considering the interest of the volunteers to work with the target group according to activity they applied, their commitment to volunteering service and the reason presented to choose the project.
During this process some phone interviews are done to understand better the motivation of the volunteers and to eventually to explain the details of each project, the environment of the hosting organization, the role of the volunteer, the logistic conditions provided and clarify some doubts the volunteers might have.

When the selection is finished, all candidates will be informed about the results.

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