Apel închis: Scoutingtrain 2014 – 1st international conference of Wagon-Conductors

scoutingtrain 2014

Cercetasii germani ne invita la un nou camp mai… deosebit! Intr-un tren! Mai jos aveti invitatia trimisa de acestia. Va rugam sa ne trimiteti un mail sau sa lasati un comentariu cu toate intrebarile :).
Academy of ScoutingTrain 1st international conference of Wagon-Conductors
ScoutingTrain 2014’s Directorate kindly invites you to our conference of wagon conductors on the occasion of the International Conductors Academy.
The first international Meeting is scheduled from November 6 through 11, 2013 in Kronberg, close to Frankfurt/Main Germany
Wednesday (Nov. 6) and Monday (Nov.11) are considered travel days for those traveling from afar and possibly intent spending some extra time in Germany.
The core program commences on Thursday, (Nov. 7) at 8:00 pm until Sunday (Nov. 10) at 2:00 pm.
During that time, your uninterrupted presence is requested

Our conference venue will be BdP‘s Fritz Emmel Hostel http://www.fritz-emmelhaus.de (you will find travel directions on the website in German – English Translations on request)
This invitation extends to all ScoutingTrain Conductors, the Train Directorate as well as representatives of Switch women and Switch men (Project Mentors).Representatives of participation scouting organizations in support of this project will also be present.
Those wagons that have not yet been connected to the train but have received concept approval by the Directorate until November 1st are also invited.
Please contact the ScoutingTrain Directorate as soon as possible (scoutingtrain@pfadfinden.de)
Besides getting to know each other, this meeting is geared towards detailed presentations of the current planning status of „ScoutingTrain 2014“ as well as program-details that will enable this international project.
It is essential that a minimum of two conductors from Germany and conductors from our international partners of each wagon will participate. The Directorate further invited potential foreign conductors to allow them to “hook-up” to German wagon
teams. Under http://geschichten.scoutingtrain.org/pool/ we have provided the opportunity for introductions to each other. Make use of this great opportunity!
A Project of BdP and its Partners

Cost – Travel – Visa
Meeting costs are covered by sponsorship. Accommodation, food and transportation expenses will be covered by the ScoutingTrain project.
Co-payment will be at 20 % of individual travel expenses at a minimum of € 6 per day.
For late cancellations (after Nov. 1st) no travel expenses will be reimbursed and cancelation fees might have to be borne by the individual.
German conductors will only receive reimbursement of travel expenses after payment of the first installment (€ 150) of their total ScoutingTrain travel cost.
Approval for air-travel or other travel expenses in excess of € 100 will be granted by the directorate member Enno (strudthoff@scoutingtrain.de)
We request to make use of car-pooling http://mitfahren.pfadfinden.de/ or the use of ticket specials for trains.
Visa support should immediately being requested from directorate member Jan Schütte (schuette@scoutingtrain.de)!
Conference language will be English. Worries of insufficient language skills are unfounded. You can always ask a colleague for support. We do not require formal Oxford English! During breaks, networking and communication in your mother tongue are permissible. We further will provide translation support in case of difficulties during planning discussions.

Accommodation and Food
The hostel will provide shared rooms for all participants. Alternatively, tents can be pitched on the lawn. Linen has to be brought along or can be rented at € 5 (not reimbursable) locally. No sleeping bags are allowed on the beds.
We will have full board to allow us maximum time focusing on our project. Please let us know with your invitation if you have food allergies or are vegetarian
Program and List of Participants:
Prior to the conference, all participants will be provided with a program as well as a
listing of all participants (name, country, organization, e-mail contact) for better

Since space is limited, your registration requires confirmation. This will happen shortly
after receipt.

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