Apel inchis: Coaching Flow Training, Croatia [DL: 25 aprilie 2014]

Coaching Flow Training

Training Course

24-30 May 2014 | Zadar, Croatia

”Coaching Flow Training” is a seven-day international training on practical coaching skills and methods aimed at everyone who is interested in coaching regardless of their experience as well as for those who work with individuals, teams or groups.

It is for those who work as volunteers or as professionals e.g. trainers, coaches, mentors, youth-workers, teachers, educators, managers, supervisors, consultants and other supporting professions.

The „Coaching Flow Training“ is a unique opportunity for you to:

– Get to know your communication style, learn new ones and how to use them flexibly
– Improve your relationship with yourself and others
– Master coaching skills that empower and support achievement of full potential
– Learn how to effectively use coaching for individuals, team and group development
– Learn examples of good coaching practice from experienced professionals from around Europe

The training is based on learning by doing and the approach we encoded in the concept of Coaching Flow: a mastery that stems from continuous application of knowledge, techniques and skills. A mastery obtainable by practicing until they become one´s naturally available ability. The result enables you to apply the approach of Coaching Flow – effortless doing.

Our approach to learning about coaching is based on experiential learning and learning by doing. You will practice the theory and content we deliver until you master it.
In the Coaching Flow Training we deliver a concise selection of tools and techniques that we practices and apply them immediately. We have a „tool box“ approach for using them: try one out and based on the result you continue using it or try another one from the tool box.

The direct outcome of the training for you is to develop your coaching skills and to apply what you have learned in different aspects of your personal and professional life.

There is 20 places on the training, we accept participants in the chronological order as long as there are places available.

Pentru mai multe informatii: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/coaching-flow-training.4124/

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