Apel inchis: Let’s Stop Bullying, Ucraina [DL: 7 aprilie 2014]

“Let’s Stop Bullying” (LSB)

Training Course

23-31 May 2014 | Kyiv, Ukraine

This training course will be held on May 23-31, 2014 in suburbs of Kyiv for 39 youth leaders, youth workers, and active volunteers from 12 countries. The main topic of the training will be the prevention of bullying.

Main objectives:
-to raise young people’s awareness about the problem of bullying in our world, the importance of joint efforts in tackling this issue, and the dramatic differences in the understanding of bullying in various countries and cultures;
-to share current work practices currently taking place, who is doing it, and who is benefiting;
-to allow participants to hear about the best practices and successes in current anti-bullying work;
-to empower young people in spreading the word on bullying among youngsters using non-formal educational activities;
-and to provide participants with knowledge, skills, and confidence in the area of non-formal education, techniques, and messaging;
-to develop tools which would make the concept of anti-bullying attractive, cool, and fun to follow for youngsters;
-to enable young people to develop their own educational modules which they will in turn bring to their local communities and implement with youngsters living in rural and/or deprived urban areas;
-to build up a network of anti-bullying messengers which would allow participants to support each other.
After the training, participants will implement and evaluate non-formal education activities on the topic of bullying prevention in their countries.
Bullying is a problem experienced all over the entire world, including Ukraine. Ridicule, mockery, and bullying all restrict the emotional well-being and safety of children, young people. Without effective tools and teaching materials and ambassadors it is difficult for society to deal with these issues and difficult for people to learn. If a community consists of aware, considerate, caring citizens, then it becomes more safe and secure. When communities are safe and secure, communication, education, democracy, and equality all flourish.
One of main objectives of this project is involving young people in anti-bullying work through methods of non-formal education while empowering them for future educational work among youngsters. This promotes youth work and participation as they will be working with young people who have fewer opportunities. All of these values are in line with what many Europeans hope for.
The YiA program, training, and sharing sessions will help participants to support social development, open up new opportunities, acquire essential competencies, promote personal development, allow intercultural & diversity learning, and encourage creative/active participation. A wide variety of educational methods will be used and the participants will have the chance to try them out during the training.

Mai multe informatii: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/let-s-stop-bullying-lsb.4070/

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