Apel inchis: “Zoom in”- Seminar cu tema incluziune sociala, Polonia (DL: 19 iulie)



Youth Express Network is a European youth NGO working on social inclusion of young people since 1993. Their mission is “to make a more open, more accessible, more visible network of local youth organisation working on youth and social inclusion questions”.

The seminar “Zoom In!” is the second activity of Y-E-N Work Plan “ITINERAR-Y-E-N: On the Road of Social Inclusion of Young People”. It will take place in Miechucino in Northern Poland (40 km from Gdansk) from 7-12 of August 2014, gathering 26 participants from 22 countries.

The objectives of the seminar are:

  • to develop a common definition of social inclusion;
  • to share, learn and collect good practices on social inclusion of young people based on experience and expertise of the young people and youth workers;
  • to raise awareness on the impact of youth work as a tool to actively promote social inclusion.

The seminar will be based on non-formal education and will combine sessions of group/team building, theoretical inputs and individual/small groups work.


The seminar is designed for young people with fewer opportunities, who are pushed out of the society for many reasons, and for the youth workers who empower then to find their place.

The eligible countries are: Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Luxembourg and Sweden.


This seminar is financially supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. The participants will be provided with accommodation, meals and visa support. The travel expenses will be 70% reimbursed.

A participation fee will be asked. Depending on your country of residence it will be between 20 € and 40 €.


The deadline to apply is 19 July 2014. Participants will be selected by 20 July 2014.

In order to apply interested participants must fill in the application form and send it via email to:  y-e-n@wanadoo.fr with the subject “ZOOM IN”.

For further information you can direct your questions to Véronique Bertholle at: y-e-n@wanadoo.fr or by phone at +33 3 88 35 37 45.

  Read more: http://www.mladiinfo.eu/2014/07/15/seminar-zoom-in-in-poland/#ixzz37Wzq8a90

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