(Apel Inchis) Volunteer with Rural Youth EVS Project, Hungary (DL: 10 februarie)

in-india-volunteers-at-schoolDeadline: 10 February 2013
Open to: youth from Italy, Croatia or other EU countries
Benefits: experience designing and realizing your own youthwork projects through European Voluntary Service

Volunteers from Italy, Croatia or from EU countries are needed for an ALREADY APPROVED project in Hungary. They are looking for EVS volunteers for long-term (6 months) EVS project at Creative Space Centre in Hollókő, Hungary. This is your unique opportunity to to be part of an EVS project without wasting your time by searching for a host project and sending organisation!

The activity will last from 6 April to 30 September 2013. Until the end of April, the main focus is to know the circumstances, the nearby high schools and primary schools and the local NGOs. They will organize activities in order to get in touch and create effective relationship with the youngsters in the region.The project EVS coordinator and the mentor will show the reality and the possibilities of the area for the EVSers, introduce them to key people in the villages involved, take part in local events together with them, and facilitate the first encounters with local young people. During this period they will also organise an on-arrival training for the volunteers.

After this period EVS volunteers will be asked to choose their areas of interest and plan their own set of activities based on their knowledge, experience and skills. They will set their learning goals, what do they want to reach, how do they want to realize it. The necessary professional support will be provided by the EVS coordinator and the mentor. After setting the goals, the EVSers will work together as an international group, the tasks and responsibilities will be divided by their personal learning goals and needs.

During the summer the EVSers will work on different activity areas in order to enable the local youngsters to spend their leisure time in meaningful ways. In September and October, connected to the start of the schoolyear, EVSers will visit primary and high schools and all the locations of their summer activity, to present their results and collect feedback on their activity. This feedback will be considered in the further improvement of the project.

Applicants should be youth from Italy, Croatia or from EU countries.

Please send your CV and the application form AVAILABLE HERE to evs.creativespace@gmail.com AS SOON AS POSSIBLE but not later than 10 February 2013!

Read more: http://www.mladiinfo.com/2013/02/06/volunteer-with-rural-youth-evs-project-hungary/#ixzz2KKzuoK36

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