Apel inchis: Eurocamp on European Diversity in Magdeburg, Germany [DL: 14 mai]

diversityDeadline: 14 May 2013
Open to: Applicants between 18 and 25 years of age with basic knowledge of German language
Venue: Magdeburg, Germany from 28th July until 18th August 2013


Getting to know Europe on your own skin in region of Saxony – Anhalt  by having breakfast the Italian way, working with Finns, play theatre with Serbs, sing Latvian songs and hear Icelandic jokes… Seems impossible to have all of that in one day and place, right? Only Eurocamp in federal region of Saxony- Anhalt  offers you this once in a lifetime chance to discover, learn and feel Europe and different cultures!

Already for 22nd time will Eurocamp invite young people from 40 countries from 28th July until 18th August 2013 to Saxony Anhalt to discover European diversity, unity and also differences. The host for Eurocamp 2013 is Magdeburg, the capital of federal region Saxony-Anhalt. During the three weeks we will contribute with our work in making the city and Bildungshaus Ottersleben more pleasant and beautiful.


If you are interested in other cultures, have basic knowledge in German, are among 18 and 25 years of age, as well are motivated to find out more about intercultural exchange and Europe, you can apply for Eurocamp already now.


Participants will be accommodated in rooms with 3 beds. Bed linen and covers will be provided by organizers. Three meals per day will also be free of charge. About the travel costs, participants should contact partners in their countries to arrange their travel in accordance with basic rules. The amount of the allowance is based on the cost of the cheapest travel option depending on the country of origin and contains a reasonable amount. The list of partners is here.

How to apply

If you want to apply, please fill in the application form (currently only in German language) by 14 May 2013. The filled-in forms should be send to the partner organizations in the country of origin of each applicant. The list can be found here. The choice of participants in your country will be taken over by partner organizations. Please contact them directly if you have questions, inquiries or requests. They will be also the ones who will be able to explain about particular procedure of applications in your country.

The official website.


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