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Workshop Entrepreneur in the mirror –Iasi, Romania 12-18 mai 2013 (DL: 8 martie)

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chess-mirror-pawn-queenApply for a FREE very useful and stimulating Grundtvig workshop funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and attend 5 day workshop in Romania.

Venue: Iasi, Romania

Language: English

Number of participants: 10

Costs: Participation is free of charge (All costs are covered by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme)


The workshop addresses adult citizens (age ? 18) from the 27 Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway (EFTA-EEA countries), Switzerland, Turkey and Croatia, interested in improving entrepreneurial knowledge or in expanding their business to European level, NGO’s members who want to develop entrepreneurial project, fundraisers for Adult Education programmes, persons who want to change their career, unemployed persons who have an entrepreneurial initiative.


Participants will get knowledge in:

  • their potential as entrepreneurs through internal processes of “myself in the mirror”
  • setting up their own visions regarding them as entrepreneurs and drivers of their own businesses
  • approaching business entrepreneurship topics as: business plans, best practices, microeconomic perspectives using creativity for innovative solutions.

All participants will have the opportunity to meet local young entrepreneurs and share experiences in business field.

THE METHODOLOGY of the workshop is a combination of presentations by experts in the field of entrepreneurship, individual and group working, interactive discussions. All necessary materials will be provided to the participants.

Costs with travel, accommodation and meals will be covered by the organizer. Host organization will ensure the best conditions for entirely development of the workshop.



If you are interested in participation to our workshop, fill out the application form and then send it completed and signed to us till 8th of March 2013.

Official web-site of the project:

Balkan Summer School on Religion & Public Life, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (DL: 11 martie 2013)

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summer_schoolDeadline: 11 March 2013
Open to: agents of change from universities, clergy, media, NGO sector leaders and activists.
Venue: Paissiy Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria; 10-24 August 2013


From 10 to 24 August 2013, the Paissiy Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, is hosting the Balkan Summer School on Religion and Public Life (BSSRPL) on the theme “Syncretic Societies – Bridging Traditions and Modernity?” The organizers proceed from the idea that religion and  religious identities are central for the life of both individuals and society, and that our religious communities are often those to which we devote our greatest loyalties. In our diverse but increasingly interconnected world, we need to find ways to live together in a world populated by people with very different political ideas, moral beliefs and communal loyalties.


The Balkan Summer School in Religion and Public Life 2013 is paying all the travel and accommodation costs for its participants as long as they are from EU. If you are not an EU resident and there is no way you can get an institution or other party to pay for your travel and stay in Bulgaria, they will cover all your expenses once you contact the organizers at


The goal of the Summer School is to provide a laboratory for the practical pedagogy of tolerance and living with difference in a global society.  Its focus is on religion as a basic identification marker of the individual and society, and its aim is to produce new practices and understandings for living together in a world populated by “differences”.

The Balkan Summer School takes up this very real challenge and tries to critically define differences, especially communal and religious differences between people as the starting point of a publicly shared life. Its basic aim is to help participants realize their prejudices and question their taken-for-granted assumptions of the other through the construction of a safe social space of exploration and interaction that includes an innovative mixture of academic teaching, experiential field experience (practicums) and affective engagement with the challenges of “living together differently”.

For centuries, if not millennia, the Balkans have been characterized by a diverse and complex mixture of religions, nations and ethnicities; of orthodoxies and heterodoxies, normative and subaltern beliefs, practices and ways of life. Not surprisingly, it has also been a cauldron of different forms of religious syncretism, with fractal boundaries between communities and a strong “lived” or practical tolerance of shared practices (rather than of homogenous beliefs). As in many other global spaces, this culture came under the assault of modern ideological agendas (nationalism, communism, fascism, liberal-secularism, etc.) with serious consequences for the practices of shared life that had characterized more traditional communal life-worlds.

The 2013 summer school will explore the issue of religious syncretism (in the Balkans and elsewhere), as a unique form of accommodating difference (in law, community organization, religious practice, family obligations, definitions of gender, etc.). Inquiry into religious syncretism as lived practice in the area of the Rhodope Mountains and the Thracian plain around the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv will thus serve as the sharp lens of our inquiry. Ultimately, however the conference shall be  focusing on the experience of our own boundaries, preconceptions, lived practices, prejudices and preconceptions – to better appreciate how to live with difference rather than deny, trivialize or abrogate it.


The target groups of the Balkan Summer School are the so called “secondary elites” and “agents of change” – from universities, clergy, media, NGO sector leaders and activists.

Drawing on over 10 years experience of the International Summer School on Religion and Public Life the BSSRPL seeks to bring together some 30 fellows from different walks of life and different religious and confessional communities, (as well as those who define themselves as members of no such communities and have no religious identities) to explore these themes together, in conditions of mutual respect and recognition. They look forward to an enriching mix of post-graduate students, professors, NGO leaders, journalists, religious leaders, policy analysts, and teachers from the area of the Balkans, Europe and beyond to join them.


The application for the first Balkan Summer School on Religion and Public Life is due by 11 March 2013. All applications should be sent electronically as a Word document to All queries and questions can be sent to the same address. You should include:

I. Applicant Details

  • Surname (family name)
  • Forename (personal name)
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Current Address
  • Electronic Mail Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Educational Background
  • Areas of Specialization
  • Language Skills
  • Institutional Affiliation and Address
  • Names and Email Addresses of Two References

II. Short Essay

The essay should not exceed five pages, double-spaced type, and should address the following question: Explain the role and importance of difference within your community and how you think participation in the Balkan Summer School on Religion and Public Life will help you in engaging with these issues.

III. Curriculum Vitae

Note on Telephone Interview: Applicants may be contacted by telephone as a means to test their fluency in the English language. Fellows who fail to provide a telephone number will not be taken into consideration.

For more information, consult the BSSRPL blog HERE and the official call for applications HERE.

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APEL TiA: Curs de formare (Act.1.1) ‘Cut the Ice’, Olanda [DL:4.03]

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cut iceAgentia Nationala din Olanda organizeaza un curs de formare pe Actiunea
1.1 (Schimburi de tineri) intitulat “Cut the Ice”. Cursul are ca scop sa
dezvolte competentele lucratorilor de tineret legate de invatarea
interculturala si transferabilitatea abordarilor practice in proiectele de
schimburi de tineri.

Cursul de formare se va derula in perioada 14-19 aprilie 2013 in De Glind,

Sunt invitati sa se inscrie lucratori de tineret (membri intr-o
organizatie non-guvernamentala) motivati sa dezvolte un viitor proiect de
schimburi de tineri (Actiunea 1.1).

Data limita atat pentru inscrierea online, cat si pentru trimiterea
dosarului de candidatura prin posta, cu confirmare de primire, este: 4
martie 2013 (data postei).

Toate informatiile si detaliile referitoare la acest seminar (profilul
participantului, criterii de selectie, procedura de inscriere) se gasesc
in apelul national publicat pe site-ul programului Tineret in Actiune:

(Apel inchis) Seminar Youth And The City – Direct Democracy on spot, Azerbaijan (DL: 1 martie 2013)

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youth and the cityDeadline: 1 March, 2013
Open to: applicants coming from any Council of Europe member state, Belarus or Kazakhstan, interested in the topics of this event, aged between 18 and 30
Venue: 28th – 5thMay, April 2013, Azerbaijan


The Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe  is announcing a call for participants for the seminar Youth and the City – Direct Democracy on spot. This project will take place from the 28th April to 5th May 2013 Azerbaijan. It is so far financially supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and the Green Forum Sweden.

The seminar will explore the theory of direct democracy as a tool for ensuring the fair and sustainable development of our communities and society. The emphasis will be put on the local community as the arena in which everyday decision-making and citizenship activity takes place.

As well as studying theory, we will compare direct democracy practices around Europe, identifying commonalities, good practice and the stakeholders involved. Specifically, we will look at different urban communities based on direct democracy such as squats, recent social movements, communities who have reclaimed space for public use and collective activity outside traditional political institutions.


  • Promote direct democracy as tool for ensuring fair and sustainable development of societies, focusing on endorsing local community as arena for living out participation in decision making processes
  • Stress importance of active engagement of youth and civil society in creation and shaping today and tomorrow environment and society
  • Support participation and strengthen involvement of youth in improvement of urban environment in order to fight discrimination, inequality and ensure equal access to rights


  • This call is open for applicants coming from any Council of Europe member state, Belarus or Kazakhstan.
  • Applicants should be interested in the topics of this event, willing to take active part in the seminar and its follow-up, and able to be in Azerbaijan during the time period mentioned above.
  • It is to the applicant’s advantage (but not a condition) to have a green organisational background and some experience with the topics of the event.
  • Considering that this is a youth event, the participants must be aged between 18 and 30. The seminar preparation team will select the participants during their meeting in mid-March 2013.


  • The organizers will partly reimburse your travel expenses, likely to be 70 % of your travel costs, upon presentation of all original receipts (remember to scan/photocopy them before posting). There will likely be an overall limit for travel costs beyond which the estimated 70 % reimbursement will not  apply.
  • Participation fee for the event will be around €30 per participant, depending on how much the organizers are able to fund-raise. The succesful applicants will be informed about this once the selection  procedure has been completed around mid March 2013.
  • Accommodation, meals, educational materials and refreshments will be provided by organizers for the entire duration of the activity, free-of-charge.
  • The working language of this event is English

How to apply

Application form is available here

DEADLINE for completing and submitting this application to is: Friday 1st of March 2013, midnight CET.

For further details read the Official Call

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APEL TiA: Laborator pentru facilitarea invatarii ‘SHAREWARE!’, Romania [DL:15.04]

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Ai experienta ca lider, indrumator, mentor sau formator in proiecte
Tineret in Actiune?
Stii o metoda buna pentru facilitarea procesului de invatare a tinerilor?
Vrei sa o SHARE-uiesti si, la randul tau, sa afli de alte experiente
similare, care sa te ajute sa fii si mai bun in lucrul cu tinerii?

Daca ai raspuns cu DA, s-ar putea sa avem cursul potrivit pentru tine! 🙂

Vino la “SHAREWARE!” – un laborator pentru facilitarea invatarii, pentru a
impartasi si experimenta metode, instrumente si procese de invatare
alaturi de alti lideri, indrumatori, mentori si formatori in proiecte
Tineret in Actiune din Europa si regiunile invecinate! Evenimentul este
organizat de Agentia Nationala pentru programul Tineret in Actiune din
Romania (ANPCDEFP) intre 14-19 mai 2013, la Predeal, Romania.

Data limita atat pentru inscrierea ONLINE, cat si pentru trimiterea
dosarului de candidatura prin posta, cu CONFIRMARE de PRIMIRE, este 15
aprilie 2013 (data postei).

Toate informatiile si detaliile referitoare la acest curs (profilul
participantului, criterii de selectie, procedura de inscriere) se gasesc
in apelul national publicat pe site-ul programului Tineret in Actiune:

Nu fi spectator! Candideaza!…shareware

TC on Youth Employability ‘Youth@Work’ -Istanbul, Turcia [DL:03.03.2013]

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Youth employment apprenticeshipsAgentia Nationala pentru programul Tineret in Actiune din Romania (ANPCDEFP) va invita sa va inscrieti la un nou curs international de formare. Este vorba despre “Youth@Work: Training Course on Youth Employability”, un curs international aflat deja la a doua editie, gratie succesului pe care l-a avut in ceea ce priveste procesul de invatare si ideile generate pentru actiuni viitoare centrate pe angajabilitatea tinerilor.

Cursul se va derula in perioada 21-27 aprilie 2013 in Istanbul, Turcia, si va reuni lucratori de tineret (voluntari sau angajati) cu experienta de cel putin un an in domeniul tineretului, motivati sa dezvolte proiecte viitoare prin programul Tineret in Actiune. Continuă să citești “TC on Youth Employability ‘Youth@Work’ -Istanbul, Turcia [DL:03.03.2013]”

Apel inchis: Training Commissioners Network Meeting, Roma 15-17 Mai, [DL: 1 martie]

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trainin commissioners nm 2013

Pentru aplicatii trimiteti CV-ul cercetasesc si scrisoarea de motivatie (de ce doriti sa participati la acest eveniment- in engleza) la adresa pana la data de 1 martie 2013)

The aim of the network meeting is to offer a motivating and informative opportunity for experts in the field of adult resources management, volunteering and training to share experiences and learn from each other.

The focus of this TCNM edition will be Innovation in Training.

The objectives of the meeting are to:

Stimulate participants to reflect on the needs of their organizations in the area of adult resources
Support participants to understand new trends in volunteering, their impact on the management of adult resources in NSOs and explore ways to react to them
Offer an opportunity for effective networking and partnerships in the area of adult resources management in NSOs
Inspire participants for the implementation of innovative methods in training

Participants profile: National Training Commissioners; Adult Resources and Volunteering experts; Able to communicate well in English and/or French

The event is designed to accept up to 50 participants. We shall accept up to three participants from an association. Priority will be given to have the largest number of different countries represented.

Participation fee: The participation fee is €175 (Euros). The fee covers all accommodation, meals, and event materials, from the evening of Friday, 17 May to lunch on Sunday, 19 May. The fee does not cover any travel costs to the venue.

Bank connections and details for paying the participation fee will be reported to all participants by the meeting acceptance letter.

We encourage participants to start planning their travel to gain from getting cheaper tickets for the trip.

Travel arrangements: Once participants have been selected they will receive acceptance letters by 15th April 2013. They should make their own travel arrangements and obtain a visa, if necessary. If you require an official invitation to obtain a visa, please indicate this clearly on your application form. Please be aware, that it may take up to six weeks to obtain a visa, so please send your visa form with the application form in order to allow sufficient time for that process.

Travel forms will be included in the information package to be sent to participants with the acceptance letter.

Preparation: In order to better answer to participants and NSOs’ specific needs an open online consultation will be made during the applications period. Participants will then have the opportunity to propose new topics or sessions to be part of the event programme.

Event web-site:


(Apel inchis) Mind the Gap, Conference in Belgrade (DL: 25 februarie)

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titles Mind the GapDeadline: 25 February 2013
Open to: social science researchers, scholars and policy-makers
Venue: 18-20 April 2013, Belgrade, Serbia


International Interdisciplinary Conference “MIND THE GAP – FAMILY SOCIALISATION AND GENDER” is organised by Centre for Ethics, Law and Applied Philosophy in partnership with Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade within the project “Gender Perspectives in Family Socialisation”; supported by Regional Research Promotion Program ⁞ Western Balkans.

The main idea is to bring together scholars, researchers, policy makers and activists from various disciplines and open up spaces for possible critical issues in the study of family, gender, role of the early-age educational system and connection between media and value system in South-East European countries. Continuă să citești “(Apel inchis) Mind the Gap, Conference in Belgrade (DL: 25 februarie)”

(Apel inchis) TC ‘Step Up to Inclusion in EVS’ – Irlanda [DL:28.02]

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NOTA: ONCR este organizatie acreditata EVS pentru trimitere si gazduire de voluntari. inclusion

SEVistii sunt din nou invitati la curs! 🙂

Daca faci parte dintr-o organizatie acreditata pe SEV – Serviciul European
de Voluntariat – (ca organizatie de trimitere/ gazduire sau ambele) si
esti interesat si motivat sa iti dezvolti competentele personale si
profesionale si sa implementezi proiecte SEV cu tineri cu oportunitati
reduse, avem un curs de formare nou pentru tine…

“Step Up to Inclusion in EVS” – un curs international de formare pe
Actiunea 2 (Serviciul European de Voluntariat) gazduit de AN din Irlanda
in perioada 18-20 aprilie 2013 in Dublin. Continuă să citești “(Apel inchis) TC ‘Step Up to Inclusion in EVS’ – Irlanda [DL:28.02]”

(Apel inchis) Activitatea de constituire de parteneriate pentru Actiunea 1.1 – “Magical Mystery tour” 9-14 aprilie 2013 | Letonia (DDL. 24 februarie)

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magical mistery
Mai multe detalii la:

Scopul principal al acestui seminar este de a facilita incheierea unor parteneriate internationale pentru derularea de proiecte de schimburi de tineri pe tema incluziunii sociale.

Principalele obiective:
– sa creeze cadrul pentru o experiente de invatare adresata asistentilor sociali si tinerilor cu care lucreaza;
– sa faciliteze incheierea unor parteneriate internationale intre organizatiile reprezentate;
– sa exploreze aspectele calitative ale programului Tineret in Actiune – sub-actiunea “Schimburi de tineri” (1.1);
– sa ofere spatiu pentru dezvoltarea de proiecte de schimburi de tineri incluzive;
– sa asigure o mai buna intelegere asupra participarii active a tinerilor si incluziunii sociale.

Participarea la acest seminar este in tandem (asistent social + tanar/a 16-25 ani), iar candidatura este comuna.  Continuă să citești “(Apel inchis) Activitatea de constituire de parteneriate pentru Actiunea 1.1 – “Magical Mystery tour” 9-14 aprilie 2013 | Letonia (DDL. 24 februarie)”