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Apel deschis: FEEL MONTENEGRO, the 5th National Jamboree of Montenegro (11-20 iulie 2014)

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500px-Savez_Izviđača_Crne_Gore_2007.svgDear Scouts,
We are honored to invite you to the fifth Montenegrin Scout Jamboree “Feel
Montenegro” which will be held from 11th till 20th of July 2014.
Challenges, adventures, music and other various activities for all categories from
cubs to rovers will make sure that our participants have a great time in
Montenegro! We will not forget the adults as well, and they too will be able to
feel Montenegro every day of the Jamboree!
This Jamboree will be different from others, because Montenegro itself is a
different country. Seas, lakes, canyons, mountains and forests all within your
reach will surely be a great place to enjoy! In just one day you can feel the magic
of our mountains, see our unique shore and fall asleep with the starry sky as your
It is guaranteed that you will have memorable ten days and we will make sure
that you leave our country with many dear memories!
We welcome you to Montenegro!
Association of Scouts of Montenegro