Apel inchis : Facilitator Survival Kit-Malaga,Spania [DL:15.04.2014]

Training Course

8-16 April 2014 | Mollina (Málaga), Spain

Do you start to work with a group of people? Wants to know about facilitation? Here is the opportunity for you to get a “survival kit” in this theme, where you will be able to improve your knowledge and skills in facilitation, from theory to practice!

Facilitating group processes is a key component and an essential competence in present day youth work. For this reason, the aim of Facilitator Survival Kit is to provide participants with basic competences in facilitating group process with young people both in local, national and international context.

It will be a long training (9 days including travelling), where we will work the basic competences in facilitation, from a theoretical point of view (definition, styles, roles) as well as practice (experience from the participants and partner organizations, study cases; resources and tools in facilitation).
Please see the attached program for more info.

– Gain basic understanding of the concept of facilitation;
– share experiences regarding facilitation;
– raise awareness about the process of group dynamics;
– practice the facilitation competences gained during the course;
– gain knowledge about different aspects of the facilitation process;
– discuss different facilitation styles;
– promote cooperation between the different partners after the course;
– promote the Youth in Action programme as a tool for working with young people;
– provide resources and tools about facilitation (books, manuals, NFE centres, trainings…)

During the training the participants will be taking part in a number of activities where they will gain or increase their knowledge about the basic theory in facilitation and their own style as facilitators, sharing experiences and understanding the roles that are established within the group dynamics. They will develop skills, attitudes and strategies that a facilitator needs when leading a group, and they will acquire resources and tools that will allow them to keep on working on their competences as facilitators in the future.

The methods that will be applied are those of non formal education, where the learning is active and participative and it is centered in the learner and based in the experience.

This course is the second edition of this training; a couple of comments from the participants of the first edition were:
• I’m super satisfied with this course, I’ve learned some new things that I wasn’t expecting
• I’m very satisfied, mostly because of the self-development that I made. I really liked that there was many practical exercises. Everything was logically arranged and games supported theory
• The things I wanted to learn were addressed. I got inspiration, from the content and also from the trainers. They have spirit to the training I stretch, gained new resources and ways of efficient facilitating.


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