Apel inchis: Life Love Youthpass,Irlanda [DL: 4 aprilie 2014]

Life Love Youthpass

Training Course

25-30 May 2014 | The Clare Inn, Co. Clare , Ireland

The Youthpass support person (mentor) plays a crucial role in the educational processes of volunteers, helping them to identify the personal learning objectives and recognising learning outcomes through dialogue and feedback.

Are you a Youthpass support person in EVS? Are you aware of educational processes within EVS? Do you know how to support Youthpass process? If any of these questions spark an interest then this training is for you…

The “Life Love Youthpass” training course aims at highlighting and enhancing the quality of the educational aspects within EVS. The focus will be on exploring Youthpass as a tool for learning and how to transfer the learning outcomes into the Key Competences of Youthpass.

The methodology used in this training will be based on experiential learning and non-formal education. Participants will explore but also experience these processes themselves during the training through reflection of learning and methodology like learning to learn (L2L) and self-directed learning (SDL).

Additionally, this training course encourages participants to share and exchange experiences and knowledge about their role as a Youthpass support person.

• To understand the concept of EVS as an educational programme and to discover the philosophy behind Youthpass.
• To explore the dimension of learning within EVS project and to connect it with non formal/informal and self-directed learning
• To develop competences on facilitating the learning process and on the self-assessment of learning outcomes in EVS
• To develop competences on the implementation of the Youthpass as a process, learning how to use it as tool for learning recognition
• To provide a clear understanding of the key competence within Youthpass
• To reflect on the role of the Youthpass support person regarding the learning of the EVS volunteer
Target Group
The training course is designed for participants who are:

• Directly involved in the supporting EVS volunteers (e.g. mentors and task-related support persons) on the hosting, sending and coordinating side,
• Experienced in supporting Youthpass in EVS,
• Able to work and communicate in English (working language!),
• Aged over 18 years
• Resident of the EU Programme Countries

Pentru mai multe detalii: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/life-love-youthpass.4084/