Apel inchis: Watra 2013 for Rovers and Rangers – August 2013, Poland (DDL 12 aprilie)

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11th POLISH ROVER AND RANGER CAMP WATRA 2013 to be held from 19-25 August 2013 in the Malopolska/Krakow Region, southern Poland. Watra is an event for 16-25 year olds. It consists of a hike (several routes) and a camp at Piaski-Druzkow.

WATRA is a Polish event for 16-25 year old Rovers and Rangers that get together to share their experience and enjoy common program.
This year we would like to invite YOU to join us on a route and meet 19-25 August 2013 in the surroundings of a beautiful southern region
of Poland, located between the two top Polish “must-sees” – Tatra Mountains and Cracow. Give yourself a unique chance to explore
Malopolska together with over 1000 scouts and guides from Poland and all over the world!

The event is divided into two parts:
19 – 21 August 2013 – HIKES

patrols choose one of the several routes prepared by the organizers. Each path is different and the themes range from cultural excursions to a high mountains hike. There is no doubt that everyone will find something suitable for them!
21 – 25 August 2013 – CAMP
over 1000 Rovers and Rangers meet in one place at the end of their hikes around the campfire at Piaski-Druzków. With the help of professional and inspiring instructors you will experience there amazing scout adventure and learn how awarding and satisfying
scout activities can be. In the theme areas you will have the opportunity to learn more about riding, ecology, aviation, first aid,
tourism, history and many more skills. Do not go to sleep too early – we are preparing full range of evening activities for you – concerts, talent shows, team building games, romantic cafes, and much more…

Rovers and Rangers between 16-25 that form a patrol of 3-10 people + one leader and:
A) Fill in an application form during the registration period (18th March to 12th April 2013)
B) Pay the camp fee – 25 EUR*
* For countries from Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans we could
manage to reduce the camp fee to 15 EUR. The full list of these countries is available on our Facebook site.
C) Do the pre-camp tasks:
– prepare workshops/presentation about your country and scout/guide organization;
– prepare badges or other symbols of your scout/guide troop for an exchange;
– send ONE photo of the patrol that shows you “in action”.

Do you think Poland is a far and strange country and taking part in our camp creates too many difficulties? You need a helpful hand in organizing your stay in Poland? Or maybe you would love to spend there some more time and discover other attractions too?
We offer you a PARTNER-PATROL (PP) that will help you before, during and after the camp! They will provide all the information you need in solving transport/equipment/language or any other problems and make sure you enjoy the event as much as we do! How to get one? Nothing easier than this! During the application procedure just make sure you tick “I’d love to have Partner-Patrol” box. The rest is up to us!

Feel free to send a message to the contact person (see below). Learn more about the event on
We are working on our official webpage – please follow facebook or scoutface so as not to miss further information!

Dominika Proszowska, head of the International Team
of 11th Polish Rover and Ranger Camp WATRA 2013
Phone number: +48 661 277 025
E-mail: scouts.watra@zhp.pl